Mechanism of Work for Consulting



1.  SMEs willing to benefit from NAFES support and services can submit a written application through the web under Forms/Application for Support, or by email, fax or postal mail. Next, the NAFES team will make a site visit in order to prepare a diagnostic study evaluating the qualified SME for support.


2.  NAFES also evaluates proposals submitted by accredited Jordanian consultants providing services to SMEs (Details of the content of the proposal can be found at Consulting Proposal Content).


NAFES qualifies Jordanian consulting firms to promote NAFES support and to provide services to SMEs (Details of that can be found at Accreditation Terms).


3.  Proposal submitted by the SME directly or through a consultant is reviewed,  approved or declined by NAFES Supervisory Board. When approved, an agreement will be signed by 3 parties involved (SME, Local Consultant & NAFES), a follow-up on the project by NAFES technical staff in order to do disbursement of payments related to it in accordance with the agreement signed.


4.  In case of proposal been rejected an apology letter from the Fund will be sent accordingly.