Accreditation Terms


To ensure the quality of the consulting and training services provided to these enterprises, there are conditions placed to approve the consulting and training firms as a business providers. NAFES classifies these conditions as Accreditation Terms.

All consultants to be endorsed by NAFES must meet these conditions in order to be a provider of consulting or training services for the Fund.


These conditions are as follows

1.  The consulting firm must be registered with the official authorities and specializes in providing advisory services or training within the areas in which the Fund is supporting, and is available with official offices.

2.  Has a core staff who has a key role in the implementation of the advisory service or training and supervision of the outsourced consultants (or trainers) and has the ability to follow-up during the period of the implementation of the subsidized project.

3.  Has an advisory consultants (or trainers) either full-time or part-time specialists in the area of finance or management and available with contracts or memoranda of understanding with these consultants (or trainers) show their commitment to implement advisory service or training required, and that is to provide the Fund with curricula vitae of these consultants (or trainers) and the papers required showing academic and practical experience for them.