• What is the National Fund For Enterprise Support (NAFES)?

    The National Fund For Enterprise Support (NAFES) is a Jordanian fund operating since 2002 under the Higher Council for Science and Technology. The objective of the fund is to support SMES in Jordan by enabling them to enhance their growth and competitiveness through business development services such as finance and management consulting and training services.

  • What kind of companies can NAFES support?

    The main clients of the project should be Jordanian small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing and service industries with 1-249 employees and who is registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • Which specific documents are required for a successful application?

    Please ensure that you have completed and submitted all required documents on Application Form. A checklist can be found towards the end of the application form.

  • Can I make multiple request for funds under one project application?

    No. Projects can only cover the eligible actions in one Consulting or Training Service and cannot span more than one service priority. A separate application will need to be completed for each service addressed.

  • What kind of companies can the Fund not assist?

    Trading Companies

  • What organizational criteria, i.e. menu of activities or on criteria, is preferred by NAFES.

    All projects will be considered on their own merits in line with how they meet the priorities of the company. No preference is given to any criteria used.

  • How are projects assessed?

    The projects are assessed through an evaluation process carried out by the Supervisory Board of the Fund. Projects that are rejected do not receive feedback.

  • Who do I contact if I require further information?

    Applicants may raise questions about the documents and the process by calling our offices (please look at Contact List) from 8 am until 4pm (From Sunday to Thursday).

  • Can I claim the full cost of the project?

    No. Under NAFES rules projects are funded by a percentage of the total fees. The company must contribute the remaining balance.

  • Can equipment be eligible for funding?

    No. We don’t support any kind of asset acquisition.

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