Below are some of the projects that have received support from the Fund and had a positive impact on the success of the enterprises:

o  The preparation of a feasibility study for an international company for juice production: As a result of the study the company constructed the plant and started production.

o  Marketing strategy designed: Based on this study, the company was able to develop and design a new strategy for marketing its services, in which 3 new products were developed.

o  Application preparation for the HACCP system for a food processor - the company obtained the certificate that helped to improve its production processes and the quality of its products through streamlining the organization of work, staff development and controlling the use of machines and refrigerators and the materials used in production.

o  A training program related to strategic planning, growing profitability and marketing: The program was beneficial to all members of the association where it helped a number of them plan and organizing their own businesses. The association itself has benefited by applying the contents of the training to the organization of work for building and warehouse affiliates .

o  Design and development of human resources system and financial policies and procedures: The company achieved their desired goal in which this study organized its management situation and restructured its departments. It also helped the company to avoid financial mistakes, increase efficiency and enhance its competitiveness.

o  Management, marketing and financial development plan: The company became able to price its products to be more accurately, in addition to organizing its internal operations.

o  Business plan and valuation system: The company achieved the desired goal of organizing its operations in order to improve strategic planning of its work and gain more knowledge of the market conditions and expected financial returns.

o  The construction and application of environmental management system ISO14001: 2004: The company acquired this certificate and it has helped to improve overall sales.

o  Improve the hygienic practices and control of contamination conditions arising along the production of sliced meat: The project focused on decreasing the defects associated with sliced roast meat and improving its shelf life quality. The objectives of the project were achieved through the development of standard operating procedures for the production line of sliced roast meat, training the workers on hygienic practices during processing and train the quality control department on important microbiological laboratory tests.

o  Develop a strategic plan and HR system: This study helped the company to organize its operations and create better job descriptions to delegate authority. This helped the company to improve its efficiency and performance at work.

o  Preparation of a marketing study: By implementing the recommendations of this study, the company was able to expand operations through the opening of a new center specializing in the olive oil industry

o  Preparing agricultural business to obtain HACCP Certificate:- the farm received this certification, which enabled it to export abroad.

o  Team Building Development Program: The importance of this project was in improving the performance and behavior of staff and developing the concept of customer service which led to speed in service delivery and direct response to the consumer. This also strengthened positive thinking among employees and motivated them which was reflected in their loyalty to the company.