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NAFES began operations in 2001 subsequent to a study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) looking into the sustainability and needs of SMEs and the private sector at large. Their findings concluded that support for SMEs was needed to provide an access point for quality business advisory services.

They created a counterpart-funding vehicle for the Jordanian Government to use through the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) to build NAFES.


Leadership with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients



Our Vision

NAFES looks towards an alliance of national efforts to enhance the role of SMEs in the advancement of the Jordanian economy


Our Mission

NAFES will drive efforts to strengthen support for SMEs by subsidizing accredited consultant fees for management projects and training programs.



Assist Jordanian SMEs to become locally and internationally more efficient and competitive.


The Fund

NAFES aims at assisting Jordanian small and medium Enterprises (SMEs)



Specialized Training

In this type of training the beneficiary of the Fund’s support will be the employees of a sponsoring business that has requested a specific training



NAFES bridges high quality consulting services with the needs of SMEs.

SMEs willing

SMEs willing to benefit from NAFES support and services can submit a written application through the web under Forms/Application for Support, or by email, fax or postal mail. Next, the NAFES team will make a site visit in order to prepare a diagnostic study evaluating the qualified SME for support.

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evaluates proposals submitted

NAFES also evaluates proposals submitted by accredited Jordanian consultants providing services to SMEs (Details of the content of the proposal can be found at Consulting Proposal Content).

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case of proposal

In case of proposal been rejected an apology letter from the Fund will be sent accordingly.

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Proposal submitted by the SME

Proposal submitted by the SME directly or through a consultant is reviewed, approved or declined by NAFES Supervisory Board. When approved, an agreement will be signed by 3 parties involved (SME, Local Consultant & NAFES)

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رابط التحميل




نموذج طلب الدعم المالي



نموذج طلب الاعتماد كجهة استشارية



نموذج العرض الفني والمالي للخدمات الاستشارية



  نموذج العرض الفني و المالي للخدمات الاستشارية - خاص بتخطيط ادارة المشاريع



(نموذج طلب دعم مالي للدورات التدريبية ( التدريب الخاص



(نموذج طلب دعم مالي للدورات التدريبية ( التدريب العام



نموذج العرض الفني والمالي للتدريب العام



قائمة الجهات الاستشارية المعتمدة لدى الصندوق 



Welcome to NAFES

T o often small and medium enterprises (SMEs) lack the entire financial capital required to invest in consulting and training services for management projects to help their business run efficiently, and maximize growth opportunities. NAFES is here to help. NAFES contributes funds to qualified businesses for financially-intensive management and training projects in a cost-share arrangement with the SMEs.
NAFES capital comes from a counterpart fund of a cash grant donated by the government of Japan. It is managed through the Higher Council for Science and Technology.NAFES has developed an extensive network of credentialed consultants in a variety of expertise to assist SMEs in securing the business solutions that fit their needs best. The quality of services delivered to SMEs is assured through this credentialing process and through continuous monitoring of performance and impact to the SME. NAFES’ success rests in the supported SMEs success.

More Abut NAFES

The funding support ratio
ranges from 50-70 % of total project costs


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